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This is a clean, privacy focused torrent search engine. Like Google/Yahoo but just for torrents (at least for now). This website is still under heavy development. Feedback is welcome, please report any problems or bugs.

We do not track users in any form and therefore. We do not use cookies. We do not sell any data to anyone.

The entire website is maintained up to date by smart software. Manual intervention is limited but still there. Every hour hundreds of new torrents are discovered and made available for search purposes.


This website is free and for personal usage only. Web scraping of the search results is not allowed. If you want the search results for your application, you must contact the site owners first.

This website is running privately, and we do not guarantee 100% up time.

Users violating this policy will be blocked. Organizations will be also charged $3000+ bandwidth and other costs that may arise due to violation.

We reserve the rights to publish any information regarding violations.

This policy may change at any time without any further notice.

Using this search engine means that you accept this USAGE POLICY.


We respect your privacy.

To protect the privacy of our users, We do not use any cookies neither log IP addresses or host names of our users.

We will not distribute IP addresses or other information of visitors of this website to third parties.

For better privacy, you could use TOR.


Remember that this is just a search tool, your content is not hosted here. Please be polite. There is no point in threats.

The Claim must be written in English language, it must be understandable and in polite form.

You must present an evidence that shows that you are the copyright holder or that you are acting on behalf of the copyright holder.

You must present an evidence that shows that the content is legally copyrighted and that you are the copyright holder.

The materials that need to be removed must be provided in form of material name and links to direct torrent pages - please only provide URLs containing infohash values. (Ex:

Google "DMCA Notice" if you never done this before.